Somatic Coaching

This section describes Somatic Coaching and Bodywork — what it is, its lineage, what to expect from a session, and how it can transform your life. Although the experience defies description, I often say that it’s “body-as-self” work. How does your history live in your body, and how do your old shapes and strategies hold you back? Which of these are no longer necessary or helpful?

By shifting into new shapes and responses, new possibilities of vision, compassion, love, and action can emerge. Bringing the body, awareness, language, and aikido-based practices into the transformational process provides a rich bounty of self-empowerment. Some ways to “find our way in” might be your physical or emotional pain, stress, tension, or numbness, the mood or tone of your thinking or speaking, repeating patterns, sad, angry, or stuck emotions, or the inability to move forward in your life. It’s all helpful information, and we use it all.