Somatic Bodywork

What is Somatic Bodywork?

Somatic Bodywork addresses what is called body armoring and how an individual’s history lives in his or her body. What Wilhem Reich, Freud’s contemporary called character armoring can form when we’re very young as a way to get love, attention, and survive in our particular surroundings. People are also shaped by sudden or repeated trauma at any age. (see Embodied Learning) Bodywork helps clients, especially those with chronic pain or trauma, come home to and re-inhabit their body in a new way, transforming what has been a house of pain on many levels to one of comfort, energy, strength, and peace.

Somatic Bodywork blends techniques from myofascial release, deep tissue massage, polarity therapy, breathing, language, voice, sound, and sensory awareness. I use them intuitively during the session to help address, unwind, and reshape the client’s essential armoring or structure. Unlike massage, clients remain clothed during somatic bodywork sessions, and I recommend they wear or bring comfortable workout or dance wear.

“I often joke with fellow Mundo-ites that Jan has magical hands!”
—S. Rajkumar