Nature of the Work

by Jan Mundo

My sessions draw from many modalities, lineages, and practices that I have trained in, been certified in, and/or studied, absorbed, and cultivated for the past four decades. In addition to Somatic Coaching and Bodywork, sessions might include energy and hands-on healing work, specialized breathing exercises, therapeutic massage-based work, Body-Centered and Conscious Relationship Therapy.

Each session has a different flow, direction, and focus, depending on the client’s needs at the time and his or her long-range goals. We might work with envisioning and realizing life purpose, path, vision, and mission. What we work on might be big picture, small picture, personal, or professional.

Fundamentally, the work centers around being present in a relaxed body, being aware of the information it’s giving you, understanding what it’s saying, and using its messages to shift you into the next layer of your path. This often involves working with and relieving chronic pain, stress, and the embodied patterns and postural habits that cause them. Oh, yes, and learning to love and accept yourself.

What do you want to do or accomplish in your lifetime? Who are you so far, and how do you want to be? What do you want to create? Where are you stuck or dissatisfied? Is that place familiar? What in your life would you like to transform in order to live more fully?