Saved By Intuition


Through all the holiday giving, receiving, cheer, poignancy, warmth, angst, and yearning, I always remember the true tale of my friends, whose lives were saved by their intuition. It’s now ten years since the tsunami in the Indian Ocean unimaginably and tragically took the lives of over 230,000 people on the day after Christmas 2004.

It was an intense time for me and my family. During Thanksgiving 2004, we’d almost lost my youngest daughter, Nadine, to a mysterious illness, which had just been diagnosed as cancer a few days prior to the tsunami. I was living in my sweet Berkeley, California, house that Nadine had found for me in 1993 after meeting the owner, Michael.

A builder and woodworker, Michael had been going to Thailand over a few years to study with master carvers and in search of true love, which he found. He married Jiab, a native of the beautiful, popular resort island Phuket. Each year they’d spend from around Thanksgiving to February there.

On Christmas morning, the day before the tsunami, they were taking their regular early morning walk on the beach when Jiab said “we have to leave.” “What?” Michael replied. “We have to go. Something’s not right. We must head inland right away.” Michael agreed, and they did. Early the next morning, when the earthquake hit the Indian Ocean just off Sumatra, and the tsunami barreled through Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, and eleven other countries, my friends were long inland.

Jiab had saved their lives by listening to her intuition, as did Michael by honoring her. She knew the spirit and vibrations of the world around her and trusted that something was different and unsafe. Had he poo-pooed her intimate knowing, or had they not acted on it, their lives might have been lost with thousands of others.

I always remember this dramatic instance, feeling with it the import of their choice points: Jiab had an intuition and listened to it. She trusted her inner knowing and its urgency enough to tell Michael, who listened to her and trusted her knowing too. And, importantly, they took action on it. Without acting on her intuition, they would have been walking on the beach when the tsunami struck.

How many times do we listen to that still small voice, those flutterings in our chest or stomach, those messages in our mind that tell us something is wrong or right? How many times do we discount those feelings as paranoia or wishful thinking or make ourselves wrong because we think we’ve blown it, only to find that a deeper meaning, purpose, or lesson was at play? How many times do we “get a sense” and later realize we were on to something all along, and if only we had . . . ?

Sometimes we react in all those ways because our inner knowing has been socialized out of us, by our culture, society, family, or peers, or we’re ridiculed, harassed, or stigmatized for using it. Sometimes using our intuition seems to get in the way of more practical plans or duty or commitments, or it just doesn’t seem to make sense at first glance.

I’m not implying that those who tragically lost their lives weren’t using their intuition or those who lived did. I have no way of knowing, and to assume so would be superstitious. I only know the stories that affect me, but I’m sure there are millions of them about the tsunami and everything else, especially around disasters or tragic events.

As hippies we used to call it “feeling the vibes.” These days I also pay attention to how intuition lives in my body, which for me includes the weather and my environment. Sometimes it’s just about silly stuff, and other times it’s serious.

What arises when you get quiet, align your head, heart, and hara (your gut), and ask yourself, in the bigger and smaller picture, what do I want in the coming year and what do I want to let go of from the past year or era? Take several deep breaths and let your body answer.

I wish that for you too. Thank you for all you’ve been and contributed to me and the world in this past year on this life’s journey. Happy holidays and here’s to a fabulous and magical 2015!

With love,

The Headache Healing Program


The Headache Healing Program, New York City

with Jan Mundo

Dates: 8 Tuesdays, Sep 30 – Nov 18, 2014 *
(Please see below for online course offer.)
Time: 6-8 pm
Location: New York City
Cost: $995

“Jan introduced me to techniques that instilled in me the power to modify and eventually control my headaches.” –Toby H.

If you suffer with chronic headaches or migraines, have tried everything, including alternative therapies, and want a solution that gets to the heart of the problem and helps you move on—without relying on medications—I can help. It’s a myth that you can’t get better. You don’t have to “just live with it.” You can free yourself from the burden of headaches.

The Headache Healing Program is a holistic transformative experience that consists of: body-mind self-care, headache-healthy diet, breathing, meditation, postural awareness, ergonomics, self-massage, Mundo Method hands-on headache therapy, somatic centering practices. Each segment of the program is designed to address and remedy specific concerns and triggers that contribute to your cycles of pain.

You will receive:
• Handouts that support each lesson in class
• Homework that carries the lessons into your life
• Coaching and assessments: headache history questionnaire, in-class, homework, progress, Q&A

To register or for more information, contact (or fill out the form here):
Jan Mundo, CMSC, CMT
Transformative Healing Arts

* If you live outside the NYC area, this program is also being offered via Google Hangout:

The Headache Healing Program, Online
Dates: Eight Mondays, Sep 29 – Nov 17, 2014
Time: 6-8 pm ET (to be finalized)
Location: Online via private Google Hangout
Cost: $995

Space is limited for both programs. Deposit of $350 holds your place ($100 is non-refundable). Balance is due on or before September 22. Check and PayPal accepted.


With over forty years as a body-mind practitioner working with headaches and migraines, hands-on healing, energy work, and somatic transformation, Jan Mundo, is often called a headache whisperer. A certified: Master Somatic Coach and Bodyworker, Body-centered Transformation and Conscious Relationship Therapist, and massage therapist, she’s held programs at Osher Center for Integrative Medicine/UCSF, Kaiser Permanente, Hill Physicians, Stanford U, UC Berkeley, Hewlett Packard, and Lockheed Martin. A published author completing a book about headaches, Jan is a writer/artist, blogger, mom, and grandma whose life, as a founding member and 15-year resident of The Farm, is featured in the 2013 documentary feature film, American Commune.

Please share this post and blog with anyone you know who would benefit from this program or private sessions in-person, via Skype, or FaceTime.

Childhood Abuse Affects Genes and Health into Adulthood

Childhood abuse and trauma produce hormonal & gene changes that affect children into adulthood. The linked article is a wonderfully clear explanation about some current research being conducted on stress hormones. 
Many of my clients (both somatic coaching and headache) have experienced trauma and abuse, and I find that it underlies their bodily tension, mood, and mindset about their health, healing, and lives in general. I work with them to unwind their trauma through Somatic Bodywork and Coaching and specialized Somatic Trauma training that honors their experience and helps them build the boundaries, voice, and safety that were violated.

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summer special“Working with Jan the first time changed my life, and that happens in each session! I’m so grateful to have someone I can trust to help me transform into the best woman I can be.” —Becky M.

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My studio is on New York City’s Upper East Side but if you can’t make it here, I can work with you extremely effectively via Skype, FaceTime, or phone.

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“I remember being mystified when you cured my headache many years ago in Berkeley.” —Paul Brancato, Assistant Principal Second violin, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

Summer Sessions Special

summer specialI’m offering a Summer Special for new and returning clients. Come on down for three transformative sessions of: Somatic Bodywork and Coaching, Mundo Method hands-on headache treatment, or body-mind headache prevention training. I work in-person on New York City’s Upper East Side, and by Skype, FaceTime, and phone.