Energy and Life

by Jan Mundo

I knew it was all about energy and life force pretty early on. Although I didn’t know I knew, I could sense its importance, and I’ve spent a lifetime trying to understand, cultivate, and share it.

I’m compelled by the felt connections made with and between people, animals, pets, and plants: the natural world. As a child I was afraid to pick zinnias in my mother’s garden that she wanted for the table because I could feel their life juices oozing out like blood. I begged her for another job but couldn’t explain why. Ever since, I’ve been fascinated by the power and effects of touch, awareness, and hands-on energy work to soothe, release, heal, and activate life force.

Energy is intrinsic to the dips and swells, the ebb and flow and unfolding of the transformational process. It ignites that palpable creative spark. By learning its language, being open to and aware of elemental energy / life force / transformation as teacher and tool, you can use its power for growth and healing. It’s the journey of a lifetime, and I’m committed to it.

This site holds various aspects of my transformative healing arts work, including coaching and bodywork, headache therapy, and published articles and essays. It also incorporates my editorial work, personal writing, photography, and art. All of me—well, almost. I’m presenting and sharing with the world a more complete picture of me. Laying it all out there: why not? The Mundo Lifework blog nested on this site will be about my observations, life, the healing arts, and the transformative process. Welcome to Mundo Lifework!