Welcome to Mundo Lifework

Transformative Coaching and Bodywork for Enlivening Your Potential

Healing is as natural as the sun coming up in the sky. Sometimes, in our busy lives we forget that our most potent remedies for illness, pain, and disease lie within ourselves: in our powers of touch, awareness, love, and intention. By remembering and using these life-affirming gifts, we can change the world, beginning with mobilizing our own vital flow of energy.

l help clients generate new opportunities for health, centered living, creative fulfillment, and self-transformation through body-mind practices and therapies and somatic coaching. For many years I have helped people of all ages overcome their chronic headaches, migraines, pain, and stress, feel better naturally, and create vital, meaningful, satisfying lives.

You’re invited! Join me to explore new possibilities for experiencing the nature of healing within yourself.